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It is never too early to consider children’s mental health. Parents play a crucial role in guiding the development of their child’s self-confidence and emotional strength and balance. But, as they say, children don’t come with a manual. And parents can’t always recall how they felt and thought when they were children.
In this section, you’ll find helpful information on how to help and support children who are exhibiting difficult behaviour or going through a family break-up. Also addressed is the importance of self esteem and ways in which parents can nurture it in their children. We also offer tips and techniques for helping children overcome irrational fears, and teach them the very real need to protect themselves.

Children, youth, and depression

While we may think of low mood or other challenges as adult problems, they can affect people at any age. Children and teens can experience mental illnesses like depression. Sometimes it can be difficult for adults to understand how difficult children’s problems can be because we look at their problems through adult eyes. But the pressures of growing up can be very hard for some children. It’s important that we remind ourselves that while their problems may seem unimportant to us, they can feel overwhelming to young people. It’s important to take depression in young people seriously.