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Attending college or university opens up an exciting world of possibilities. It can also be pretty challenging. But if you're living with a mental illness, you've faced challenges before. This resource is designed to make your transition to college or university just a little bit easier. It takes you through all the steps of going to school, providing information and tips for anyone living with a mental illness.

In creating this resource we've gathered information from colleges and universities across Canada. More importantly, we've talked to students with psychiatric disabilities[1] to get their perspective on the rewards and challenges of higher education. Their experiences, thoughts and advice are found throughout the resource.

How to use this resource
The resource is organized into sections, each focused on particular aspects of the college and university experience. You can go through the sections in order, or just skip to the sections that seem most relevant to you. There is a lot of information here, so don't try and absorb it all in one sitting. Read a section or two and then come back to it at another time. Talk to friends and family about what you've read and any questions you may have. You don't need to make a decision about anything right away.

Some of the sections have useful checklists of questions. You may find it helpful to take a piece of paper and spend some time answering them. They are there as a tool to help you think through important issues.

Some sections list additional web resources in the Check it out boxes. There is also a listing of useful resources and organizations in the Web Resources section.