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Because Life Goes On

September 22, 2016


Because Life Goes On… Helping Children and Youth Live with Separation and Divorce


(3rd edition, September 2016)

Natacha Joubert, PHD

Centre for Health Promotion

It all began in 1992 at Health and Welfare Canada. The Director of the Mental Health Division asked me to write a brochure on separation and divorce in response to numerous inquiries from Canadian parents and professionals seeking information on the topic. Twenty –four years and over a million copies and downloads later, I am pleased to announce the release of the third edition of Because Life Goes On…Helping Children and Youth Live with Separation and Divorce.


Who is this booklet designed for?

  • Canadian families in need of information and resources to help their children before, during and after a separation or divorce.
  • Professionals in their work with children and parents, within such fields as health, social services, education and justice.


What information does this booklet provide?

Parents want to take good care of their children and to have all the tools available to do so. This booklet uses a mental health promotion approach that looks at the developmental needs of children and youth going through separation and divorce at every stage of their life, from birth to adolescence.

The booklet also touches on a broad range of public health issues such as mental and physical health, parenting practices and coping skills, children’s resilience, family violence, anger, abuse and isolation.

This booklet provides parents with:

  • practices and coping skills to assist with children’s growth and resilience as well as to support their mental health;
  • information and insights to improve their communications with former partners;
  • tools and tips to help them be more aware and responsive to their children’s needs, based on their age and stage of development;
  • suggestions on ways to reduce levels of conflict, stress and confusion for children and youth;
  • tips on how parents can take care of their own mental health and well-being.


What is new about the third edition?

The new content includes more information on practical topics such as parenting skills, self-care, anger management and fostering children’s resilience. The third edition of Because Life Goes On… has also been designed to complement the resources, publications and services about separation and divorce available across Canada and from Justice Canada.

That said, what was and still is at the very core of Because Life Goes On’s content and success is:  a mental health promotion vision and approach that focuses on strengthening and supporting parents’ resourcefulness and capacity to be the best parents they can be, despite the challenges during a challenging time in a family’s life.

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