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Mental Health and High School Curriculum Guide

Mental Health and High School CurriculumSchool-aged youth are a vulnerable population. They are in a period their lives that is crucial in their mental health development. Canadian youth spend more time in school than anywhere else outside the home. Schools are often challenged to deal with youth mental health, but are seriously under equipped and inadequately supported to handle this responsibility.

The curriculum guide provides a complete set of educational tools to increase understanding of mental health and mental disorders among both students and teachers.

To purchase the guide, visit

The guide, developed in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, focuses on training teachers (in their module) to be comfortable with their own knowledge of mental health and mental disorders. The guide then empowers the teachers to share this knowledge with their students through a curriculum delivered in a multiple module format. The program uses a variety of interactive sessions that help to promote dialogue among students, as well as with their teachers. Discussing mental health and mental illness in a supportive, familiar environment enables youth to feel safe, ask questions, gain knowledge, combat stigma and develop their own opinions of the world around them.

The teachers training materials are provided for free, and many of the other materials are incorporated into our curriculum site, however, there is a small fee for the complete guide to be delivered to your door. These materials are produced by two not-for-profit organizations that are using these funds to continue to enhance and develop the curriculum.

Purchased copies also include a CD Computer Resource disk that can aid in classroom instruction of the program. To purchase the guide, visit

The guide is also available in French.

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