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Being a parent can be one of life’s most joyous experiences. At the same time, parenting can cause strain and tension – not to mention sleep deprivation! In this section, you will find information about postpartum depression, supporting your children’s mental health, and coping with the stress of parenting.

Postpartum Depression

Bringing a new baby into the family can be challenging at the best of times, both physically and emotionally. It is natural for new parents to experience mood swings, feeling joyful one minute and depressed the next. These feelings are sometimes known as the “baby blues,” and often go away soon after birth. However, some parents may experience a deep and ongoing depression that lasts much longer. This is called postpartum depression.

Separation and Divorce

Some marriages end suddenly while others seem to fall apart over a long period of time. No matter what the cause, if your marriage fails, you are likely to feel a whole range of intense emotions: sadness, anger, hurt, fear of an uncertain future, loneliness, confusion over the many decisions you must make, and a sense of failure at your lost plans and dreams.