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Welcome to the Teachers’ and School Staff section of the Mental Health and High School website!

High school teachers and guidance counsellors play a critical role in the lives of their students. They are often the first to pick up the early warning signs of mental illness, and are uniquely positioned to provide the kinds of support that can help students who are experiencing distress.

This site is designed to provide high school personnel – teachers, guidance counsellors and others who have direct contact with young people – with practical information and tools to:

become more aware of the impact of mental health problems and mental illness on students’ learning;

provide supports that can lessen that impact and allow students to become successful learners

The information on this site pertains to all students struggling with mental health problems, whether or not they have been given an actual diagnosis.

As you look through this site, you’ll come across comments and suggestions provided by teachers and students who wrote in to our website, or took part in interviews and focus groups.