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Welcome to the Students’ section of the Mental Health and High School website!

On this site we’ll explore some of the issues related to being a teen and experiencing mental health problems and mental illness.

We’ll also look at how mental health problems and mental illness can affect your life at school, and ways of dealing with some of the things you are experiencing so that you can get through high school and get on with your life!

As you check out this site, you’ll come across lots of things that teens (and a few parents and school staff) told us about their experiences and their thoughts about mental health and high school. Some of them got in touch with us through this website, and others took part in focus groups we held.

Who’s this site for?

The information on this site is for all teens struggling with mental health problems, whether or not you’ve got an actual diagnosis. That’s because when you’re a teen experiencing mental health problems, it can sometimes take a while to actually figure out what’s going on—if what you’re going through, like feeling down or stressed, is temporary, or if it could be a sign that a serious mental illness is a possibility. Either way, you’re probably having a hard time dealing with the challenges of high school.

The purpose of this site is to give teens who are having mental health problems some tools to help them get through high school and go on to work or further studies in college or university. So read on, and find out more about the issues that concern you!

Justine's Story
Read about one student's experiences dealing with mental illness and high school.

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