Welcome to the Parents’ section of the Mental Health and High School site!

Parents know better than anyone the struggles their children face. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of parents of teens with mental health problems and mental illness.

This website is a tool for parents to help them better understand the ways that mental health problems can impact teens’ lives and learning. The content of the site is based on the input of parents who have “been there” as well as the expertise of mental health and education professionals, and contains ideas and information about:

Recognizing the signs of mental health problems and mental illness among teens

Supporting and getting help for teens who are experiencing mental health problems and mental illness

Working with school staff and within the school system to advocate for your teen

Helping your teen in the transition from high school into the world of work or further studies

Personal experiences of family members advocating for their teens within the school and the community

Helpful links for further information and support

As you navigate through the site you’ll come across ideas and quotes from parents, school staff and teens who took part in interviews, questionnaires and focus groups, and shared their experiences and insights with us.